"Slow food"

Way of choosing ingredients, cooking and bringing recipes to life - not only through dishes, but through the process of creating food, and the atmosphere of dining together - the way we were raised and taught by generations before us.


Welcome to slow food restaurant Golden Shell

Directed by first Croatian culinary judge and World Master Chef Ivan Buzolić, in our kitchen we create traditional Croatian dishes, presented in modern and artistic way.


In Golden Shell

Our main goal is to procure and prepare top quality ingredients and the fruits of nature – brought by the hands of fishermen and farmers from the island of Hvar. We're proud not only because we ensure the best local ingredients and healthy delicacies for our guests, but because by doing so, we support local economy and self-sustainability of our island.


While resting in Hvar

We will try to evoke the atmosphere of a time not-so-long-ago, when the evening meal was the chance to relax, enjoy the food, talk and company - as the perfect ending to an amazing day.


You won’t have to break your head over food choices

Before any decision, our staff or the chef will carefully inform you and suggest the best food choice for you; considering your taste, preferences, restrictions and intolerances, and of course, your ideas and suggestions.


Food obbsession

We are a family restaurant where food is our biggest obsession. Traditional Croatian dishes, combined with Mediterranean cuisine is our highest value. Join us in the intimate atmosphere of our restaurant, and experience Hvar through the flavours of our tradition.

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