Antonio Buzolić


Antonio Buzolić is the youngest member of culinary family Buzolić. He spent his entire professional and free time in his father’s restaurants. He’s specialized for service management, with a special emphasis on wine loving and widespread knowledge of wines.
You’ll recognize him as the one with a particular sense of humour, and the one adored by our guests, so don’t be surprised if he serves you some enchanting story with your dish.

In 2014. he finally joined his father and sister on their culinary competition journey, and the results that he collects are remarkable:

  1. 4th Golden Ladle competition, Alanya

– Etnic dish – silver
– Fish dish – bronze
– Poultry dish – merit

  1. Bosanski dukat, Sarajevo

– Vegetarian dish – gold
– Fish dish – merit

  1. 9th International culinary competition of southern Europe, Thessaloniki

– Vegetarian dish – bronze
– Poultry dish – merit
– Team grand prix – silver

  1. Slatka nit, Bjelovar

– Appetizer exhibits – silver
– Main dish exhibits – silver
– Total category score – gold

  1. 10. Biser mora, Supetar
    – Senior team competition – merit


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