Ivan Buzolić, first Croatian culinary judge, World Master Chef, demanding gourmand and excellent connoisseur of antique cuisine chose exactly Golden Shell for his culinary oasis for designing intriguing dishes which combine tradition and modern gastronomy trends of slow food movement. Chef Ivan and his daughter Maja who’s running our kitchen, will do their best in enchanting you with unusual dishes and flavour combinations, to evoke the atmosphere of Mediterranean way of life and tradition of preparing food.

In our restaurant, you won’t have to break your head over food choices.
Before any decision, our staff or the chef will carefully inform you and suggest the best food choice for you; considering your taste, preferences, restrictions and intolerances, and of course, your ideas and suggestions. Once you let go and allow us to do what we know best – designing and creating food, be prepared for an unrepeatable adventure of flavours, scents and colours – which you can enjoy for hours.


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